Lidlum Agro

We created Lidlum Agro, a technology redesigned to develop a system that only emits the energy necessary for the development of various plants. The lighting currently used in the horticultural environment is all based on technology developed to illuminate human activity. In addition to being an artificial lighting product ideal for plants, Lidlum Agro meets and even exceeds agricultural requirements in terms of production efficiency with controlled spectrum lighting specially adapted for vegetable, ornamental or algae production.

Why choose Lidlum Pro for your facility?

  • Positive effects on the speed of plant growth;
  • Significant increase in horticultural production while reducing operating costs;
  • Minimal heat and ballast energy loss;
  • Prolonged lifespan;
  • Improved carbon footprint, low energy consumption;
  • Substantial savings on electricity costs;
  • Low energy loss in lighting output.
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